Spring is here?

So it looks like spring has made it to Idaho... Hopefully. It has been a pretty mild winter but it will be great when the mountains dry out. Well this past week has been a lot of fun. Friday was a wedding reception and seeing people from my mission so that was really great! Saturday my replacement rim showed up so it turned into bike maintenance day with a wheel build and a fork rebuild. With a few other general spring replacement parts it will be ready for riding season. Someone please remind me not to ride it next winter. I'm super pumped for Yellow Ostrich and an exciting trip to utah on friday. Well that's all I have for now. Get excited for all the nice weather and go enjoy it!


Yellow Ostrich @ SXSW

My birthday is next week so on the 30th we are going to Salt Lake to see Alex and the other Ostriches at Kilby Court! I'm excited!



Thought I would post since I haven't in ages. The photo challenge failed to really even start. School has been good but super stressful!!! My truck gets ok gas mileage for its age and being a 4x4... I am glad I got it seeing as I have had to use the 4 wheel drive a few times in the past few weeks. But it still hurts to fill it up. Well I should be sleeping right now and don't know what else to say so yes...



original for comparison.
I know it was not on the list to do an hdr but this is my new truck so I figured I had to include it somehow.


Photo Challenge Thingy 1

First entry in an adventure to make my photos better and hopefully gain some insight and knowledge. As another added part of this I have decided that all photos will be taken with my iPod. Enjoy.


Free Tunes: Yellow Ostrich - Marathon Runner

Check it out.

New album will be out in march and tour will also start!

Yellow Ostrich

Its 4am.

So I just got done with a paper I have been working on since midnight, it wasn't anything insane. I'm just a procrastinator and get distracted easily, thank goodness for Rockstar.  I should really just go buy a flat of it from Costco or something.

So your probably asking yourself whats new in the life of Andy??? Well let me tell you. School is going well but homework has been a bit overwhelming at times. I dropped one of my classes because it was a major workload and felt like there wasn't enough time in the day to get everything done, sometimes I still feel that way. I have decided that I am going to work super hard during the week and hopefully take weekends off unless something huge comes up. I just dont want to be occupied all weekend with homework. I haven't been taking as many photos lately because of all the homework and things but i have decided to make time to take a photo a day. I found this neat photo challenge online:
So I will be doing that but not in any certain order and posting them when I have time. So you may get one a day or 15 of them all at once. I also wont actually be labeling them, most of them will just speak for themselves.

Hope all is well to whoever reads this. I better go get some sleep before my 9:45 class. Today should be an exciting day Elder L. Tom Perry is going to speak at devotional!


This I Believe

I thought I would post some of the things I need to do for my classes on here. Just so everyone knows I am terrible at writing thats why I usually let my photographs do the speaking for me.

This assignment was for my english class as a concept taken from "This I Believe" a radio show on NPR.

More of a life update will be coming soon.

Here it is:

Cycling is a Lifestyle, not just a recreation.

I believe that a bicycle can bring great joy, peace and accomplishment to our everyday lives. Bicycling is a fantastic thing to do on the weekend to get out and see different things in the outdoors and is a great family recreation, but I think it can do much more to benefit our lives and health. The health gained is not only physical but also mental, giving me a sense of accomplishment to actually see something progress in my life. Something usually unseen on a day to day basis. I believe so strongly in this because of the affect it has had in my life, when I am weighed down with stress, frustration, anger and disappointment it only takes a few peddle strokes before that is solved. As a college student who hasn’t been in school for a while getting back into the stresses and learning that comes with classes and grades can get a bit over whelming. I first started cycling about 5 years ago when I had just graduated high school and found myself almost addicted to going out every day and riding everyday for at least 15 to 20 miles. I started with a lot of road riding but worked my way into mountain biking after one of my friends convinced me it was the only way. Each has their own thrills from weaving in and around traffic to ripping down the side of a mountain on a trail no wider than a foot at times. The wind in your face, the exhaustion after a huge climb, the thrill of something unknown around the next corner, I love it all. I have seen cycling around town to run errands or to class invigorates my mind, and gives me a heightened sense of my surroundings. Maybe it is just my escape from the the world for just a moment, but the stress relieved even riding a few blocks to or from home every day is fantastic. It invigorates the body and mind, brings us health and strength. That is why cycling is a lifestyle.

Photos from home.

Some photos from when I was home that I forgot to post.