TN Pictures and Such

so tn was great no snow... no cold... well a little cold but not wi cold. all in all its a good place to go.


yes enjoy.


AMAZED by amount of people that check out my blog!!!

not just that but also where they are all from. check it:

Clarksville, TN, United States
Birmingham, United Kingdom
Clarksville, TN, United States
Stacy, MN, United States
Elk Mound, WI, United States
Paul, ID, United States
Madras, India
Mcpherson, KS, United States
Stanwood, WA, United States
Claremont, CA, United States
San Nicolás, Argentina
Portland, OR, United States
Singapore, Singapore
Kennesaw, GA, United States
São Paulo, Brazil
Washington, DC, United States
Seremban, Malaysia
Chandler, AZ, United States
Clarksville, TN, United States

so again if you are one of the people from out of the country you are awarded 10 gold stars if you leave a comment.


Christmas Cheer from TN!!!

A few things to brighten your holiday season.

This great piece of art was found at the Charlie Daniel's Band museum!


Ben Folds Five Reunion Videos

So I know I have posted in the past about this. An E-friend of mine has posted them all on youtube so for your viewing pleasure, I present Ben Folds Five!!!

This may be more for me to watch it easier but i have extended the gift to all of you this holiday season... So consider this a great big MERRY CHRISTMAS from me and the Folds man himself.

Again updates will be made about Tennessee will be made at some point in time thus far it has just been alot of chillin but tomorrow is the big day with lots of things to see... Mariah and I are going to hit up Nashville... I'm excited!!!!!


sweet guitar player

ok so i am in tennissee for christmas with mariah and i will update everyone on that later... there will be a post and such. but i was youtubin again tonight and this is pretty sweet!!!



Interesting fact - a butt-load is the equivalent of 450 US gallons.

So now when and if you use the term you know what you are saying... I was wondering if it was an actual measurement or not so I googled it and it is!

Since we all know the term I have to say that today we got a Butt-load of snow... I know it probably was not 450 US gallons... but it was a lot. I moved snow for 3 freaking hours today... LAME... OH, Hey my car got stuck in my yard cause I couldn't park it on the street cause of all the snow...


Map Thingy

so i added the map thingy at the bottom of my blog last night cause i saw it on someone else's and thought it was pretty cool so i looked at it today and this is what i saw.

so look away from america for a bit,someone from the "republic of korea" checked out my blog... yes korea!!! so if this is you leave a comment or something... you are awarded 10 gold stars.