300 Miles of Gravel Trailer / Life Update

This is footage from last years Trans Iowa. The documentary should be coming out early next year.

The Trans Iowa was started by a man known as Guitar Ted who thought it would be a great idea to ride his bike across Iowa. Its pretty insane but if you are interested in the history of how it started you can read about it here, and if you want updates on next years event, here.

Other than that today I have been packing for my journey to Idaho for school, packing is not my favorite thing to do at all. I leave on the 2nd early and should be in Rexburg on the 3rd in the afternoon some time.

Christmas went well, we changed it up this year and opened presents on Christmas Eve, it was a nice treat to not have to be rushed on Christmas having to open presents and go to dinner at Grandma Paulsons. It was a good Christmas this year, it was great to be home and be around family and friends, not saying that I didnt like Christmas on my mission. I got a new camera, nothing fancy but anything is a lot nicer than not being able to see anything on your screen at all.

Over all I am excited to go to school and start a new chapter of my life, it should be fun and exciting and new and all those other things school has to offer.

Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas /  Holiday / whatever the crap you celebrated season!


A Tiny Day in the Jackson Hole Backcountry

I just saw this on Facebook and thought how it was shot was amazing, cool concept.

Update on Christmas and things of that nature coming soon.


NYC man gets ticket for Riding his bike.

Watch the full thing, its amazing.

Sometimes I love things that happen. This guy got taken by the NYPD for going to work... what is the world coming to.


Lacrosse Holiday Lights 2011 / Tom's Christmas Concert.

Last Friday we went to the Holiday lights display in Lacrosse, it was pretty sweet! I haven't been to them in a few years and it was cool to see all the changes and additions they have made. It is just one of those things that gets you into the holiday spirit like none other. I have been working on some new photo techniques so some critique would be great, so if you want to comment that would be awesome! 

Please Enjoy.

I thought the fire breathing dragon was pretty sweet!

Last night was Tom's holiday concert and it was great as always... I'm glad that my camera actually worked for me and I got a few photos. It was a great time and the music students did really well. Again its another of those things that get you into the Christmas spirit.

Hope you all have a great Christmas, I'm going to try to post more regularly once I get to school.


The Flyboard Zapata/ Life Update

This looks like the closest thing we can get to an iron man suit!

Other news:

I was working on my mission wrap up/ some other photo projects and magically my external harddrive where I store my photos and music decided to crap out on me. Now it only makes this delightful clicking noise and I cant access it. LOVELY! Hopefully someway someone can recover the at least the photos from it. The best part about the whole thing is that I was going back all that info up on my other harddrive tonight!

Hopefully you all have better luck than me and don't loose all of your digital film memories.


Rapper actually makes sense of the Law of Chastity.

Saw this posted on Facebook like 500 times and decided to check it out.