the scene aesthetic

o music how it drives the world... some people just listen for background noise and really dont care about what its really about and usually im not that kind of person... last night i was driving listening to an album that i have loved for well a while now... The Scene Aesthetic is there name and well they just have good music... there from everett, wa... and there just 2 normal guys and one plays guitar yes i said it only one guitar... well in my researching (since i really like there music) i have found that they are both members of my church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints(yes they are mormon)) well when i first discovered them i did not know that but i did notice that they did now use obscene language and just had a good sound... they both have nice voices... back to what i was talking about not really listening to what your listening to this song just hit me and was like wow thats cool have a listen and see what you think its about... i think its really cool that its like a conversation because i know its been done before by bands but it seems like any more its all about the money in the industry and not about the music... sorry side rant heres the song:

so thats just one of the songs i have fallen in love with while listening to this album, there are a few more but one of the best ones is Beauty In the Breakdown heres a video for your viewing pleasure:

so i know its kinda crappy quality and well the weird effect in the back... but its good... so you see the guy that dosent have a guitar well he is on his mission for the church in argentina... thats pretty sweet... so if you all like the band you should check em out and yeah tell me if you do... and if you really like them and want to support the kid on his mission you should write him... heres his address:

Elder Eric Kimberlin Bowley
Argentina Rosario Mission
Blvd Argentino 7935
2000 Rosario
Santa Fe 

for full details go here

o by the way the guitar players name is Andrew de Torres... the link above(here) is the band website so check it out...

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