8.9.11 - 8.21.11

 The 16th district photo of my mission... where has the time went???
Rexburg Temple at night.

Transfers have come and gone again. I got a new companion! His name is Elder Larsen and he is a brand new missionary! It is always exciting to have a change happen and get to know more people.
Elder Durnell and I with our "new" Companions

The weather has been amazing the past few weeks so that means that we have been doing a lot of biking to save miles (we only are allotted 1100 for the months). One day this week we rode our bikes to Teton and back it was about a 20 mile round trip.
On the way back from Teton

This past saturday was the "Rexburg Rush" triathlon. It was great to do service there and I was made the Event Photographer, I asked the guy in charge if he could get me all the shots I took so hopefully those will be up in the coming weeks.

Things here are good, training is fun and exciting. This past week was zone conference... the last one of my mission, that was a bit weird. Today I found out that i was officially accepted to BYU - I. It's just a weird time in life, knowing that the mission is coming to a close, trying to work hard but also accept the fact that I only have 2 more months to hold this calling. Coordinating things for when I get home and only be there for 2 months then coming back to the great state of Idaho. 



7.11.11 - 8.8.11

So its been a while since I have done any update, so it seems like there should be a lot to be said. But the last  few weeks have just been a blur!!! One day just blends with the next and things happen so quickly that you can't even remember what you ate for breakfast!  

A few weeks ago Elder Dollinger went to the Rexburg Temple.

There is also a weekly Farmers Market held right next to the Rexburg Tabernacle. We have went a few times and it has been a lot of fun to go and visit with the people there. 

There is a man there with a stand who makes pens, he called us over one week and said something like "Elders always need pens, here take one." So after talking with him for a while and me not wanting to just take a pen from him he asked me if  I liked baseball I said I did we talked about our favorite teams for a bit and he stuck this pen in my pocket, its made from a Louisville Slugger.  

Also the BYU-I horticulture department has a booth where they sell plants and produce, I was looking at their mint plants and asked the guy what "orange mint" was. He told me that I was a project they did this year to alter the plants so they would taste like other things... It was pretty interesting so we tried it and it was  good. So I bought an orange mint and an apple mint plant from them... It was a pretty good deal too $1.50 a plant.

I think the sign at the gas station was messed up. 

P-day is always full of exciting activities a few weeks ago one of our ward mission leaders took us fishing at someones pond, he told us it was stocked but only part of me believes him because none of us caught a dang thing! But it was fun to just relax for a few hours and drown a worm.

I also got a summer time cold this past week, it was terrible! But I made a quick recovery with some vitamin C, garlic pills, herbal tea and other assorted things.

Last week I had a member in our area order me a basket of produce, it was only $17 for a ton of food! It was great!

Other new and exciting things that are happening:
Transfers will happen this week and on Saturday night I found out that I will be training a new missionary, he will be here on Wednesday. Other than that its just missionary work as usual. Its great to be a missionary! 

Have a good week!!!