Long needed update

It has been far too long since I have made a real post on here so I thought it was about time. lots of things have happened since my last real post (around Christmas) and it has been a busy couple of months. 

Since we have been back in Wisconsin Mariah has been in the hospital twice. The first time a few months ago for to get her tonsils out, and the last time a this past weeks to get her appendix out. I think that those two things should be taken out when you are 3 so you will never have to worry about them again. 

Between the 2 times of hospital-ness  Mariah and I have gotten engaged!!!

 So thats pretty sweet, we are getting married on Aug 1st, In Nauvoo, IL. 

Then heading back up to PdC. Its all pretty exciting and planning is underway, we booked a spot for the reception.

Other than that I'm still on the job hunt after "not fitting in" to my last job (LAME). Mariah is almost done with school and is moving back to PdC on the 5th so thats only a few days from now. That will be good.

I will try to keep this updated, but its hard being busy and all, until then...