4.18.11 - 4.24.11

Growing Black Beans...

Last monday we biked the Menan Butte.


4.11.11 - 4.17.11

not many photos taken this week. so here are some pics of my bike upgrades. Just missionary work as usual, teaching and seeing people.


4.4.11 - 4.10.11

Transfers was this week and Elder Ison left Monday afternoon so I was with the spanish elders for a few days. After a zone meeting on Tuesday we went to get some food.
Tams in Rigby is amazing!

The next few days were filled with helping Elder Mendez pack & teaching people.
On Saturday the Penas got Baptized, it was a great day!

After the baptism we went over to there house for a little family get together and got to see their puppys.
Have a good week.


3.28.11 - 4.3.11

Notice something about the CTS?

Only in Idaho.

Other random things that are odd or not logical that are here.
WHY??? It may be awesome but seriously what is the point??


Ok now for seriousness...
This week:
Elder Ison got his visa! So he got to call home.
Because he is going to Brazil we also got to attend the Idaho Falls Temple with all the other departing missionarys.
Friday we went on exchange with the Zone Leaders and it was a good time... I learned a lot from Elder Quillin and we got to see the Elk Ranch.
Right next to the Menan Buttes.
Ate at the Menan "sandwich shop" aka a little door next to the Menan bar... But it was good.
So all in all it was a great week with a lot of teaching and spiritual enlightenment hearing from living prophets and apostles.

Have a glorious week.