kilby court

so when i was out in utah i went to this venue called kilby court and it was pretty sweet. i cant describe in words how indie-ghetto (ghetto as in sweet ghetto) this place was. it was amazing i saw the helio sequence and they play a rockin show. there was also this local band there called patter stats and they were great. so i will try to discribe this place to you and you may be able to understand its awesomeness factor. well you walk down into this cul-de-sac in the industrial part of salt lake city. indiemo kids as far as the eye can see there are 2 warehouses on each side of the street. you walk down into the cul-de-sac part and on your right there are two crappy houses with blue lights in the upper level. straight ahead is a big run down old building that is pretty much just a big shed, this is where the bathrooms are and a chill room for the bands. on your left there is a fence and a garage. you walk in the opening in the fence and there is a court yard ahead of you but to your right there is this like lemonade stand where you pay for your ticket and can buy soda and such. in the middle of the court yard there is a fire pit with a bunch of chairs around it on the left side of the court yard there is the murch shack and on the right is the garage. now you are all confused with your directions and are saying to your self i thought you said that you saw bands there and you have said nothing of a stage. well im getting there so just a min. so you go in the garage and thats where the stage is. its pretty sweet during the show there were between 100 and 200 people packed into this old garage. ok now its time for pictures and some free music.

Patter Stats


The Helio Sequence

now for the tunes:
Patter Stats - Fruit Fliesed
Patter Stats - It's On My Wall
The Helio Sequence - Keep Your Eyes Ahead

patter stats
the helio sequence
kilby court


google at its best

ok so im not the biggest chuck norris joke fan but there are the exceptionally good ones like maybe when google does them.if you dont believe me try it for your self go to google and type in "find chuck norris" and then click the "im feeling lucky" button.

good day


chalk art, good times

this was done about a year ago.

spring break = utah fun

spring break rolled around this year and i was really in need of a break. so i have a buddy out in utah that was like well just come out cause you have a room here. so i took him up on the offer and spent 10 days in utah. i stayed in orem which is about 45 mins south of salt lake. heres some pics:

Provo Valley

Salt Lake Temple

Disc Golf @ Bicentennial Park in Provo

The Helio Sequence @ Kilby Court in SLC

Lost on the flats

Longboarding on the flats

Utah, Nevada state line

Sweet sunset in Wendover, NV

here is all we need to know about global warming

to all of those who actually read this if there are any: im sorry for the blog neglect the past month or so my internet has being pretty lame, well not my internet cause really who pays for it. anywho i will keep posting i think that in the next month or so life may change pretty drastically i just have a feeling that somethings coming into my life. so ill try to keep this up to date.