8.22.11 - 9.26.11

So a lot of things have been happening in the past month or so. Transfers have come and gone and I have 2 new companions for my last 6 weeks and it has been a blast!

A few weeks ago we went to a Sealing at the Rexburg Temple, it was great, my testimony of eternal families was strengthened once again. It is amazing that if we do what is right, follow the Savior and attend the temple that we can find more peace and joy than ever before.

Since last time I posted there was a fire out in the desert by the INL site. It made for an amazing sunset and sky.

Also there has been a ton of fun outdoor activities on P-day. From riding bikes at Kelly Canyon to a Zone Hike up the Menan Butte. I have truly developed a love of the outdoors, especially mountain biking on my mission. There is nothing better than just taking off with only a map, water and some tools and having a great adventure.




So I havent posted in a while cause I just figured out that my memory card reader took a dive.Its kinda sad. But get excited for next week. Things in Rexburg are going well. Its great to be a missionary.