not many photos were taken but here are a few.
1. Brock with his Christmas loot.
2. Ghentry waiting for one of his toys to be opened
3-4. Brock playing magic with us Christmas night.
5-6. The only evil part of Christmas, the part that makes you huge!
7. Elder Slocum and I.

Christmas was Great! On the eve of we went over to the Treasures and spent the evening with them, eating great food and playing games. Christmas morning we got up and opened packages and anything wraped we took down to open with the Harris fam. It was a great time to be able to be with them on Christmas. We got to watch Ghentry open his presents and of course play with them. At about 11 ish we went up to Bishop Berry's where he let us use his phone to call home, it was great to be able to talk to family again. We went back to the Harris Home for a late lunch, then played games the rest of the night and relaxed.


Big Jud's

Last week we had interviews with President Colton in Rexburg. Elder Slocum and I thought it would be a good oppertunity to go and gorge ourselves on the famous Big Jud! The hamburger was about as big as my head and the fries a meal on its own. Elder Slocum and I came out victorious and finished the burger we have decided that finishing a Big Jud is the true sign of a leader, not mission leadership...HAHA.