Nauvoo Weekend

Well we got to Nauvoo at about 10 on Friday night so we unpacked the van, checked into the Nauvoo Inn and pretty much just went to sleep. On Saturday morning Ryan and Christi took the girls to the park and I just sat around the hotel room and watched tv. They got back and I had the great privilege of watched the girls so they could go to the temple. The following picture is what it looked like when they finally fell asleep.
Then that afternoon we went out and saw some of the historical stuff and took a sweet wagon tour around old Nauvoo. The wagon was pulled by 2 horses that weighed a ton each, it was pretty windy and kinda cold, but it was very enjoyable.
Sunday morning we packed up the van and checked out of the hotel and went to church there were a lot of people and even the bishop said that he wasn't expecting that many people there. After church we went to Camp Nauvoo and set up camp and such. It was a really nice day but it was really humid. It was a good afternoon, I just chilled a bit and it was enjoyable.
After the kids got up from there nap we headed over to Carthage, where the Prophet Joseph Smith was martyred, in June of 1944 in the Carthage Jail. After that we decided to have some food and then we went to the park which just so happened to have a disc golf course. So luckily Ryan and I brought our discs cause we both know you can't leave home without them. Ryan did better than I did. It was only a 9 hole course and he got 2 aces, to my defence the holes were really short most of them were less than 80 feet. Monday we decided to hit up some more historical stuff and go back to Lancaster. So all in all it was a good weekend.


Memorial Day Weekend

Hmmph.... Memorial Day.... what does it all mean? Well this great day/weekend for many people is the first weekend of summer and its a nice 3 day weekend. Well it is all of that but its also a day to remember the many men and women that have fallen to make our country the way it is. Without them this country would not be the way it is. It is also a time to remember all our troops now, and no matter what you think of what they are doing and the reasons they are there we need to support them. Without our support they will never come home, which is what we all want them to do is to COME HOME.

Well now I will stop ranting and say what I originally wanted to say. Last night the Daltons and I made the 5 hour trek to Historical Nauvoo, ILL. It's the first time I have been here and it's all pretty exciting and I hope the rain holds off so we can go see all the sights. As of right now I'm watching the kids so Ryan + Christi can go to the temple.

Pictures and more to come soon.


Pictures were stolen from the Internet


Another Meaningless Post

well i still have not been posting because well life has been nuts and yeah. the computers here suck and yeah so no cool posts. oh yes life has taken a turn for the better so thats good. im starting at wisconsin badger camp the 30th of this month and get to be a counselor, so that should be pretty fun. im also starting to fill out mission papers so thats good, and im in cool with the rental units... yay!!!!