Okobos Fest

So it has been a while but on Oct. 11 the trek was made to Green Bay, to Okobos Fest... Good weekend... the tickets I had were seats way in the back but by the 2nd set we made it up to the 14th row... $200+ tickets for $55... the people who held the tickets never showed so yay. Ben Harper also never showed but thats ok it was a good show if you would have subtracted Jewel. The other bands were great and it was a good night of music and fun. So I took some video and here they are... also I took a few pics.

Ben Folds - Effington

Ben Folds - Not the Same

Ben Folds - The Frown Song (partial)

Ingrid Michealson - Be OK

and last but not least...

Death Cab for Cutie - New Year + Why You'd Want to Live Here

There it be... hope you enjoy cause I sure did.


DC Trip Final Update

So... Looking back on past blogs I have realized that I never posted pictures from my DC trip. Well here they are.

Elmo Prank Calls

When you Youtube late at night you find many treasures, like Elmo making prank calls.


Ben Folds Five Reunion.

so this show happened a while ago but yes... this is one of the first videos i have seen of it... i guess no cameras were aloud and this person made it all the way to the encore with it so good for them... as you notice there is a boom cam in the shot for most of it cause its getting played on myspace... yes pro shot... hopefully a dvd!!! well here it is... it gets played on myspace on oct. 18 so yes.


Oct. 11 - Okobos Music Fest - Green Bay.

So Saturday is going to be a really sweet day... Mariah and I are going to the Okobos Music Fest in Green Bay... We love going to shows and this should be a good one. 6 big names and a fun drive = a fun day. Playing:
Ben Harper

Death Cab

Ben Folds

along with M. Ward, Ingrid Michealson and Jewel.