mmm badger camp

for all of you who do read this and dont know... i have a job at wisconsin badger camp for the summer. camp is an amazing place where people with special needs come for a week at a time and pretty much have a little holiday. i am a camp counselor so its all pretty interesting... every week i get 3-4 people to hang out with and take care of for the week. so far it has been amazing and i love it. my campers the past 2 weeks have been amazing. working here is very stressful but its totally worth it.... like if there high needs i have to do everything.... like toilet and shower them.... if there independent i just make sure they are just having a good time and not doing anything bad... you be there friend and have a great time with them. its really an amazing place to learn and grow as a person. i work with people from all over the us and the world... there are soo many amazing people from all over. im am soo glad that i have gotten to meet every single one of them because they are so amazing. like the thing i think people need to understand about this job is it is all about self sacrifice... and doing service to others. another people need to understand is people are people... no matter if they have some sort of disability they are still people. camp is all about the little joys in life doing small things for people to see there faces light up. working here has probably been one of the hardest, most stressful things i have ever done bit its is so worth it. in these two weeks i have learned and grown soo much and i really am looking forward to the next 8 to see what they bring. "mmm badger camp, mmm badger camp its the finest place to be."