so i have known about this organization for a while now i think its an amazing cause and i totally support it. the name of the organization is To Write Love On Her Arms. TWLOHA is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for those struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire, and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery.

"The truth is that according to the World Health Organization, depression is one of the leading causes of disability, with approximately 121 million people suffering with depression worldwide. The National Institute of Mental Health states that approximately 18 million people suffer from depression in America alone. Depression does not discriminate across age, race, gender, or class. Among teenagers it is estimated that 20 percent will suffer from depression at some point by the time they reach adulthood. There are also as many as 8.3 percent of teens suffering from depression for at least a year at a time, compared to 5.3 percent of the general population."
they do many things to reach out to people and one of the main ways is though music.
"During the time of year that suicude rates are at their highest, we chose February 13, the day before Valentine's Day, as our opportunity to start showing people how mcuh they are loved. We will physically write the word LOVE on our arms (with a sharpie, or whatever other ink suits you best). If someone asks you what it’s for, tell them about TWLOHA. Tell them they are loved, that they are important. And ask if you can write LOVE on their arm as a symbol of that. Don't be afraid to reach out to those who need love, those who you often walk right by every day. They need our care."


a great man is no longer on the earth

a great man has passed this past sunday. many of you not of my faith probably dont know what i am talking about but President Gordon B. Hinckley, the great prophet died on Sunday, January 27, 2008.

he died in his apartment in downtown salt lake city at 7:00 pm, members of his family were at his bedside. Gordon led the church for 12 years of great expansion.

"President Hinckley was known, even at the age of 97, as a tireless leader who always put in a full day at the office and traveled extensively around the world to mix with Church members, now numbering 13 million in 171 nations."

even though i only knew of the man for about 7 months i respected him greatly, he was a great man.

more stuff:
a peculiar life : Our Prophet Has Passed On: Gordon B. Hinckley dies at Age 97
LDS Newsroom : Beloved Church President, Gordon B. Hinckley, Dies at 97


i have a disease...

and the only prescription is more JUNO!!!!!!

gosh i cant get enough of this movie i know i have already blogged about it but today i had a urge to watch it again so i had to of course... it has some of the best lines in it ever like:

That ain't no Etch A Sketch. This is one doodle that can't be undid, Homeskillet.

Mac MacGuff: Did you see that coming when she sat us down here?
Bren MacGuff: Yeah, but I was hoping she was expelled or into hard drugs.
Mac MacGuff: That was my first instinct too. Or a D.W.I. Anything but this.

all time fav:Next time I see that Bleeker kid I'm going to punch him in the wiener.

Juno: Your little girlfriend gave me the stinkeye in art class yesterday.
Paulie: Katrina's not my girlfriend alright? And I doubt she gave you the stinkeye that's just how her face looks, you know? That's just her face.

Mac MacGuff: Are you having boy trouble because I gotta be honest I don't really much approve of you dating in your condition. That's, uh, that's kinda messed up.
Juno: No, Dad, it's not--
Mac MacGuff: I mean that's pretty skanky. Isn't that what you girls call it? Skanky? Skeevy?
Juno: Please stop.
Mac MacGuff: Tore up from the floor up?

Like I'd never marry you, you'd be the meanest wife ever ok? And I know that you weren't bored that day. Because there was a lot of stuff on tv and The Blair Witch Project was coming on Stars and you were like, "I haven't seen this since it came out and so we should watch it," but oh no we should just make out instead la la la...

so again andy says go see juno NOW!!!


hair chopped off

so earlier this week i decided that i wanted to get my hair cut cause i was sick of it being long and all over the place and so today i was just sick of it and elder arnoldson just cut it all off

so then i decided why not just get a mullet cause there soo freakin sweet!!! so now insted of having huge hair i have a freakin sweet mullet
just kidding we cut that off too.

so now i have no hair and its nice... maybe im not sure yet... maybe i should have at least kept the mullet.



so juno go see it or something but yeah just see it some how cause i watched it today and loved it as i stated with august rush its simply an amazing film and i can not tell you all how i saw it... but yeah check it out

heres the Trailer:
if you think that the trailer is good here a sneak peak to the first 10 mins of the film:
its good all of you should go see it and tell me what you think... oh btw i love that dwight is in it. and i wish i was i was paulie bleeker well except the part about him gettin juno prego but other than that i want to be him.


fun times/august rush

so i know i havent posted in a while but i have been busy with school and other things... yesterday i went to madison and chilled with some people that i havent seen in a while it was a good time... it was snowing on the way down but everything went alright... on the way back it was snowing pretty good and we saw about 7 cars in the ditch but we got home safely... gosh im a good snow driver... but i had to stay in prairie last night cause it wasent safe to drive to lacrosse...

so this weekend i saw august rush and its a must see for all... its an amazing film... i didnt see it in theaters cause really who pays $8.50 for a freakin movie that you dont know is going to be good... well i would have payed that for this film... again it was freakin amazing... its about a boy who is put up for adoption at birth and wants to connect back with his parents... he hears music in everything... and its true the world is full of music everywhere you go... its what makes the world turn... well back to the film... i cant tell you how i saw it cause yes thats disclosed info... but you should all go see it... the boy is trying to connect with his parents through music and you will see how it plays out in the end... heres the trailer:

heres one of my favorate scenes... in this scene it is the first time august has ever played guitar... 

so i think all of you should go see august rush it a definite recommend from andy...


AHH why is life soo crazy sometimes

so school started this week and everything has been jacked up... i went online to check to see when my classes were on saturday and it gave me the grand message of "you are not registered for any classes"... after i saw that i was like what the crap so i quickly found some classes to take but as of monday morning (the day classes were supposed to start) i need 3 more credits so finally today i went in and fixed everything and yes now i have all the credits i need to have... it was soo hectic getting everything figured out cause i had a hold cause my financial aid didnt come in yet and yeah it sucked so i needed to get the hold freed and figure out all that so i got the class and then i went to go sell my books back and get the new ones i needed and well the book buy back was only for 2 days... who does that... anyway i didnt get my books sold back so i didnt have cash to get the new ones so here i am stuck with 2 online classes and no books... how the crap am i suposed to do my work??... this is soooo lame... so i think i should beable to get it all done since i dont need the book yet for the one class and yeah ill just need to go to the library or something for the other... idk... so it will all work out...

so onto the fun... since you all had to read me goin on and on about how much today sucked ill present you some amazing footage off of youtube:

Andy Mckee - Drifting:
this many is amazing the song is soo cool and amazing.

enjoy and freakin comment everyonce in a while... gosh...


the scene aesthetic

o music how it drives the world... some people just listen for background noise and really dont care about what its really about and usually im not that kind of person... last night i was driving listening to an album that i have loved for well a while now... The Scene Aesthetic is there name and well they just have good music... there from everett, wa... and there just 2 normal guys and one plays guitar yes i said it only one guitar... well in my researching (since i really like there music) i have found that they are both members of my church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints(yes they are mormon)) well when i first discovered them i did not know that but i did notice that they did now use obscene language and just had a good sound... they both have nice voices... back to what i was talking about not really listening to what your listening to this song just hit me and was like wow thats cool have a listen and see what you think its about... i think its really cool that its like a conversation because i know its been done before by bands but it seems like any more its all about the money in the industry and not about the music... sorry side rant heres the song:

so thats just one of the songs i have fallen in love with while listening to this album, there are a few more but one of the best ones is Beauty In the Breakdown heres a video for your viewing pleasure:

so i know its kinda crappy quality and well the weird effect in the back... but its good... so you see the guy that dosent have a guitar well he is on his mission for the church in argentina... thats pretty sweet... so if you all like the band you should check em out and yeah tell me if you do... and if you really like them and want to support the kid on his mission you should write him... heres his address:

Elder Eric Kimberlin Bowley
Argentina Rosario Mission
Blvd Argentino 7935
2000 Rosario
Santa Fe 

for full details go here

o by the way the guitar players name is Andrew de Torres... the link above(here) is the band website so check it out...


another monday

well mondays in my book stink... there pretty lame and gosh i wish we could just jump to tuesday... well then i would probably just not like tuesdays... so yes... i have been youtubin lately and have found some pretty cool videos, i have also recently discovered "Flight of the Conchords"... i love the show its one of my new favorites and thats a big step cause i dont watch much tv... so since i really like that show i thought i would post one of my favorite scenes its kinda well idk funny but on the edge of umm something i wouldnt watch the entire show is like that for me... well heres the clip:

Flight of the Conchords -  Bret, You Got it Going On:
well first i will give you a little of what is goin on before this scene... in this episode Bret is feeling down and Murray (the so called band manager) tells Jemaine to make Bret feel better so this scene is his attempt to make Bret feel better.

 i hope you enjoy it as much as i do...


PdC for the weekend

so i went home this weekend mostly cause i needed to do my laundry and didnt want to pay for it... just kidding i havent seen the fam in 2 weeks so i thought it would be good to go see them and it was a good time... i had some time to just chill for the last weekend before i start school... tomorrow o no!!! this weekend was pretty cool i got to see tom my little brother... he got this thing called a "wave" for christmas and its a skateboard thing with only 2 wheels its pretty cool but i can barely ride it... i have only tried twice but he has had it for 2 weeks and hes good i took some video of it:

its pretty cool he wants to be able to do more tricks on it and such... i also had a chance to take some pictures... i photoshopped one and i think it looks pretty sweet and the other one i did nothing to... well here they are:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

i hope you all had a great weekend and cmon you can comment on these if you wish so... until next time...


past thing new post

so as i am was thinking about what i could post on here i have been thinking about past projects and things that i can share... i remembered that about 2 years ago now... 2 YEARS!!! WOW... any way yes 2 years ago i took an electronic music class in high school taught buy the great Mr.S... it was a really fun class and the whole time we got to just play with gear and just see what we could do... the final project in the class was to create a composition of sorts... im not sure what you would call it... music??... sound... greatness... i dont know but i would call the one i did perfection... or as its named Death 2 Butt Cheese... the entire project was made on reel to reel tape machines and then all mixed to CD... the requirements for the project were that the entire composition had to only be made of natural sounds (stuff you would here in everyday life) or well you just had to make the noise... no pre made music... and you had to use the stereo picture... and something else.... o you had to at least have 1 tape loop.

well here it is: 
download mp3 : Death 2 Butt Cheese

ok im still trying to figure out how to.... well make it so i can stream the file... so you all wont steal it and claim it for your own i know how all of you are pirates!!!


how messed up am i??

so for the past couple days i have had a lot of things on my mind and yeah... thats never good cause sometimes i think too much. as i have been thinking and such (trying to see where i want to go in life and what to do) i have decided to mostly "seize the day" and just well... i have a quote (as you read my posts you will notice that i relate a lot of things to music or quotes or some sort of analogy cause i find things easier that way) so back to what i was saying... the quote - 

"Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. So love the people who treat you right, forget the ones who don't, and believe that everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said it would be easy; they just promised that it'd be worth it."

so that quote is pretty much the stuff... one of my favorites if you know me i say it a lot and that is how i have lived my life for the past 5 months wow its been that long... it has been 5 month since i have been a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints... WOW!!!!... 5 months time flys... any way its 5:30 am well about not exactly and the reason that i am saying this is well because i have been thinking about a lot lately and it has thrown off my sleeping schedule and yeah its pretty jacked up right now... like last night (yesterday morning) i didnt got to sleep till like well about now 5:30 am ish and woke up at 4:30 in the afternoon... as stated before i think too much...

so break from school is almost over well today is the last day i go back monday... i think... not sure... ill have to check into that... any way if you have made it this far you are special cause its late and im sure im typing a lot of non sence... im going home this weekend and get to go to church down there i miss all the people down in PdC... they are like another family to me... wow i havent been down there in like 2 weeks?? maybe o well i dont remember. 
well i think im gona try to sleep now because i havent yet... wow that was a stupid comment... duh... cause i have to work today and i dont think that it would be fun without any sleep.

hopefully all of you who do read this if anyone does or ever will dosent think im a complete idiot... look for more posts in the coming days... weeks... months... well whenever i have time.


so i have decided that i should start a blog cause well some people think that i have interesting thoughts and well are like you should write them down or something. im not good at keeping journals i have tried and i thought that this may help. wow that was random.