This makes me wonder if Micheal Scott is reading my Blog?

or maybe Dwight.

2.21.11 - 2.27.11

It was a good week and things are really picking up in Menan. It was also transfers and we both stayed... that means I will be in Menan for atleast 6 months! I am excited to stay continue to see the Lords hand work in this area. We went from a few months ago working and trying to find people to teach and looking at how this week is going to be we are booked almost every night!
-Elder Paulson


2.14.11 - 2.20.11

Nothing too crazy happened this week, it was actually kinda slow. I know I need to get better at actually writing things instead of just posting pictures... I will get better. Here is something that I thought about this week: why in the church do we have scout Sunday?? to me its just odd. Well for the normal picture update. Maybe I will start doing a quick update where there are listed briefly some of the things that have happened this week. I need to come up with a more creative name for it.

Quick Update:
Spanish Branch Party
Menan 3rd ward activity: The Geology of SW Idaho.