Piehole, Transfer 5 & The Love of Pocatello

Again for another much needed update.

1. Piehole... Piehole is this pretty freakin sweet pizza place in my area, it has super thin crust and is really really good. They have a potato pizza (only in Idaho) that is surprisingly pretty amazing.

2. Transfer #5 it was a really good 6 weeks and I learned alot! I got a new companion, a new area and it was pretty much a fresh start since we both got here at the same time and really didn't know what was going on when we got here. It was good to be in a new area because sometimes I think I may have been to comfortable in Driggs. It was great to be there for 6 months but I was really in need of some change.

3. The Love of Pocatello. Pocatello is a nice city and people are usually really nice, i guess these folks just don't really like the missionaries. But overall the people are usually really respectful and if they don't want to talk to you they just are really straight forward and are just like hey I'm not really interested.

So... Yes things are good and the work continues to go forth. I hope all is well with all who read this, not really even knowing who that is.

-Andrew Paulson