Happy Birthday to me!!! We went and picked up my new bike on friday and what a joy it is!
Today we went out biking and I rode it down a mountain, and it was pretty insane but both the bike and I came out just as we went in. After our glorious adventure it started to snow, and continued to snow and now we have 6 inches and its still snowing!!! YAY..... NOT!!!! So there will be no more riding down mountains in the near future.


Mud Season

So this is a new thing for me, here in idaho there are 5 seasons or more like a combined spring/mud season. So it was really nice out so Elder Pitt and I decided to go and bike to the Treasures, about 12 miles round trip. Well this was the outcome... oh and we saw a moose it was only like 50 yards from the road it was pretty sweet!


New Bike!

So I havent taken many pictures as of late so I thought I would share a pic of the bike that I bought.