Moped Accident!

this happened earlier in the summer but i never posted about it. i was driving home from work and dumped my moped and smacked my head on fresh pavement doing about 27.2 mph, yes thats about top speed on my little spree. (actually it will do about 31.56mph... haha) i am ok so here are the photos:






Love story meets Viva la Vida

Andy and I just watched this video and I thought it was sweet! So watch it.


Fajita Dinner!!!

so the week is going really well, more of an update on that later. today the fitzners left and i am house sitting, mariah is home so we decided to make some food. we were looking through the fridge and there was not much, but there was alot of produce out of there garden, well mostly tomatoes so we decided to make some salsa and we found some chicken in the freezer so i was instantly thought fajitas. so i did the fajitas and mariah did the salsa, it was a great meal even though we ate at 10:30 cause we started cooking late. well sorry for the babble here is the picture:


Another well needed update.

well first off i will say that i'm a lier cause in my i said there would be a post soon and well it is now august, and may things have changed since my past few posts. i know i have been slacking and should be keeping up on letting the world know what is going on with my life. not that i think may people read this but maybe will randomly stumble upon this blog and find something interesting and maybe internet stalk me. well anyway. its after aug 1st and there was no wedding so, that means change of plans, i decided that i am going on a mission and that it would be the best choice for me to make. so that is the plan now i have been working on my papers and they are mostly done, i had my last dental appointment last week, and just a few hours ago i had my physical done, but there are still a few things to do before the medical papers are completed. life has been busy trying to get everything together. oh random thought, mariah is now a writer on this blog as well now so maybe some day she may come out and say hi to all you people on the internets. i also just found out today that my last day at the bank would be on aug 4th. lots of things have been going on lately, and its fair week so tom and dad have been busy the past few days and last week getting projects done, and things are looking good. maybe i will post pictures later of some of his stuff. speaking of pictures i don't have any for this post because i just got my charger back from my friend beth cause we have the same camera and she crashed at my house at the beginning of the summer and thought it was hers. well sorry this was a bit random and if you lasted this long you get a gold star for enduring. any way i will try to make posts more regularly and will try to get mariah to post so hopefully between the both of us you will hear something. see this time i didn't commit to make any posts soon.

oh i found a picture, i took it at the beginning of the summer before my battery died.

and thats the way the cookie crumbles...