OK Go @ Luther... Good times

So Friday night Mariah and I got hooked up with free tickets (from the great SK) to see OK Go at Luther College in Decorah. It was a really good show, good crowd energy and such, but on top of that the band was solid. It was an amazing time. So enough from me this is what you all are here to see the vid... now you are all asking yourselves did he say vid not pics. Yes, yes I did say vid. They played an ELO cover for the first song of the encore and i was pretty sweet. So here it is: 

but you can see the pics here


Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

This flick looks pretty sweet, I am a huge fan of Michael Cera after seeing Juno and yes just check it out:

Comes out Oct. 3


OK Go - yes yes

So exciting news in the world... Maybe not for you but for me... Thanks to the great Sarah Kolman (who is now my new best friend) I have concert tickets to OK Go at Luther on the 26th... It may be my little brothers birthday but who can give up free tickets... So here is a video cause how I do:

site: OK Go


Sesame Street meets James Blunt???

So we were all once fans of Sesame Street, and some of us still are... Maybe... Ok if there is nothing on all of you know you watch it. Well what do we get when we mix our beloved Sesame Street with James Blunt... Just take a look for yourself.


Beatbox Flute??

This is way sweet! Check it:
heres some of his other stuff:

Inspector Gadget