Mario Cart Song

yes i know there is a much needed update about the life of andrew paulson, since he is going on a mission and such but if you are my facebook friend and are invited to my group then you already know it all, if you dont then shoot me an email.

well why i am really here is to just post another video that i stumbled across while watching youtube and in the description it says its about mario cart... and love.



Kanye West almost makes Taylor Swift cry. What does the President think of it all?

Kanye almost making Taylor cry
The Presidents Response

Maybe I do like Obama. Oh nevermind.


I want one!

the unimog by mercedes benz

Madison, A Beach, A Fair, Work, Food and 1 More Fair

mariah came up to visit a few weeks ago, it was fair week so tom and dad were busy getting toms stuff done. Well now im jumping ahead of myself. Mariah got into town on late sunday night and i had to work monday. boo.

on tues we went to madison to find a suit for my mission, first we went to burlington coat factory, and they had a pretty good selection. Nothing seemed to fit correctly and there service was horrible, so we got a bit frustrated there and went to a place in the mall and the dude was great, he had me in a suit and out of the store in about 20 mins, it was great. After we were done at the mall we decided to go check out downtown since Mariah had never been there. it was pretty cool, we went up and down state street just going from shop to shop. here are some pics from monday.




On wed we decided to go to the beach, it was a good bum around day and mike didnt have to work so he came with us, it was a good time, but mariah and i got burned pretty badly.


on thurs we made the trip to milwaukee, to go to the state fair, it was another good day, we walked around the grounds and checked out the venders building, ate some good fair food, listened to some good music, went to the pig races, in the evening we went to a pretty sweet horse show, oh and i got to drive on the milwaukee mile speedway with my car, it was glorious, just with i could have went faster. (we parked between the start/finish line and corner 4 to bad it wasent free of cars). oh and when your at the wisconsin state fair you cant forget about the cream puffs.


then on friday i had to work again it was grand.

on saturday we went to the crawford county fair. we check out all the entries, i think tom got blue on every thing he entered and to two best of departments. so thats pretty sweet, after we checked that out mike and i tried to win some cash playing guitar hero but we werent as good as the rest of the people playing.


we also partook in the most redneck of sports, know as the demo derby.


this car got hit so hard the roof caved in

oh... and i got video of it!


for more pics go here