Human Mirror

Another great one from the guys at Improv Everywhere, Check It.


The Charley Song... The End of an Era.

So Badger Camp has come to an end... the last Friday night was the end of the year banquet and well a couple good ole' chaps Zach and John wrote me a song... I had a camper during the 2 week session of camp and his name was Charley... I freakin' LOVE him, he is amazing, and pretty much the most foul mouthed kid I have ever met... real funny stuff. They took a bunch of quotes of his and put them into a song. Now Charley can be VERY, I repeat VERY, offensive at times but he is friggin' funny and I haven't a clue where he got all the crap he said from. Well I guess I will let you enjoy it too... Ladies and Gentelmen, The Charley Song....

This may OFFEND many people so if you don't like it don't watch it.

This is the real deal folks, Charley did say crap like this and it was an amazing summer I am going to miss it soo much, the campers, and all the other staff. You have all made one of the best summers of my life, thanks.


This man has skills, I'm not sure if he should be proud of them.

DC Trip Update III

Hit DC last night. Saw sights today, more info and pics... lots of pics later.


Zach Sherman, Ladies and Gentlemen

this may offend some people but its really funny.

DC Trip Update II

For our first stop on our trek we hit up the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio... I have been here before but its still amazing to see all the great memorabilia, the building in itself is pretty much the coolest thing since sliced bread... 
After spending a few hours at the Hall of Fame (I could spend days there) we ate at the Hard Rock Cafe... It was really good and we had an amazing waiter, I think I could be friends with him...
Oh... we have a way sweet bus driver cause when he dropped us off at Hard Rock he pulled into this little street and this was the scene.

Then we boarded the bus and cruised out to Bedford, PA. The following is the scene after we got out of dinner tonight.
Goodnight world more updates tomorrow... gosh i have to be up at 5 am not cool anyway it will be cool.


DC Trip Update I

So I'm on my way to good ole' Washington DC... Tonight I am in Toledo, Ohio... more updates later... have to be up in less than 6 hours so I should sleep... goodnight world!


the end is near

badger camp is almost over... it will be on saturday. it is a good and bad thing all at the same time. one of the hardest, most rewarding jobs i have ever had will be over. i also have to say goodbye to alot of cool people that i have gotten to know VERY well over the past 11 weeks. oh but hey i get to go to washington dc for free because of camp. i was chosen to be a counselor on a see america trip... i leave the 21st and get back on the 29th so it should be pretty sweet so im pumped.